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Social Environment is an external division of AMSA-UGM that works on social issues, eager to spread awareness in society in interesting ways. Various topics have been raised, such as gender equality, ableism, and any other topics related. Aside from social issues, Social Environment also works on health issues, especially in the Yogyakarta region. To support Social Environment work programs, the members are expected to have an overall sensitivity towards social issues. Furthermore, Social Environment members will also be given training in topics such as public speaking, basic health examination, or sign language, depending on the topic raised in each work program.


Choirunisa Nilam Prawesti

 Vice Coordinator



Ayuko Nova



This work program aims to enhance both knowledge and closeness between the members of the Social Environment. The campaign’s topics are dependent on the recent condition, the urgency of the topics, and the agreement of the members.


Held in December 2020, the first campaign topic was about the COVID-19 vaccine as the news stated COVID-19 vaccination started at the beginning of 2021. The media platforms used were interview videos with experts and acquaintances and then uploaded to Instagram TV (IGTV) afterwards, as well as the posting of the campaign posters on Instagram


Sex education was chosen for the second campaign’s topic. The media platforms used were collaborative podcasts on Spotify with, Instagram live with experts, and Instagram stories which consisted of campaign posters and games. The contents itself collected from our concerns in sex education around us and the feedback we got from the games such as the myths about sex, the reason why we shouldn’t do risky sex activity, the condition of sex education in Indonesia, and so on. This second campaign was held in February  2021.


Last but not least, in March 2021, gender equality became our third campaign topic. We used Instagram and Zoom as our platform, because the scale and the media were getting wider as we were trying to open volunteers for people, doing movie night and talk show, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and spreading the campaign’s material via Instagram live, Instagram stories, and collaborative Instagram posts with Rise Up Media. At the end of the campaign, the volunteers are given a certificate as one of the benefits we provided.


Event of The Year (EOTY) is one of the biggest programs of AMSA-Indonesia. EOTY is held to represent our philosophy of "ACTION" through actual social activities carried out by each AMSA-university across the country with the same theme and concept related to current health issues and implemented throughout the nation. Every year, the EOTY concept is chosen through a competition at the beginning of each tenure. This competition also provides every AMSA-Indonesia member the chance to express their ideas, creativity, and passion for developing long-term projects that have positive impacts for the community.


Adopt A Friend is a work program where the members of the Social Environment can make friends with others from various backgrounds. The target of the program may be different each tenure, based on the topics raised so the possibility to cover any society is guaranteed.


Taking the theme of ableism to our deaf friends, Adopt A Friend of this tenure we collaborate with SLB B/C Harapan Ibu Jakarta to take a look at their viewpoints, as deaf friends and their teacher especially in this pandemic COVID-19 time, which we could watch it in AMSA-UGM’s Instagram TV. The event wrapped up with two Zoom meetings, one for dissemination to SLB B/C Harapan Ibu Jakarta about a clean and healthy lifestyle (known as Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat/PHBS). The other meeting was held to give members sign language training. At this work program, we pulled together with the Finance and Partnership division for donation, along with our new normal starter kit donation (consisting of hand sanitizers and masks).


SE-SEPUH, a new program by the Social Environment division, is a gathering between members of Social Environment and their AMPUH's (AMSA Sesepuh). AMPUH attendees will be able to hold sharing sessions to give insights to the current Social Environment members in regards to opportunities and activities that can be gained and experienced throughout their time in AMSA-UGM. 

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