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Event of the Year 2022
Maternal and Child Health and Stunting Prevention

Event of the Year is an annual action-based event organized by AMSA Indonesia with the goal of bringing about real social change through targeted interventions that adhere to a certain theme based on statistics and urgency.  It is handed down to all local chapters in Indonesia, including AMSA-UGM. This year, we emphasized the grand theme of "Maternal and Child Health and Stunting Prevention" and chose a number of indicators as the center of EOTY 2022, including awareness of the risk factors for stunting, nutrition education for mothers and children, toddler stunting risk screening, and stunting prevention for children under the age of five. We are delighted to announce that EOTY AMSA-UGM 2022, titled "ETERNITY: Enriching Nutrition for a Better Community," was successfully completed despite the limits of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Social Environment division organized an open committee recruiting process for all AMSA-UGM divisions and held a number of events, including pre-event, main event, follow-up, and post-event activities.

A series of EOTY opening activities including a photography contest, a volunteer program, and open donations that took place about two weeks before D-day make up the EOTY pre-event. other-child bond was the focus of the two-week long photography competition, which invited competitors to post pictures and captions to Instagram within the guidelines established by the organizing committee. The AMSA-UGM also created a volunteer program for all AMSA-UGM members without age limitations in order to enhance awareness of maternal and child health as well as stunting prevention. The volunteer's responsibilities included sharing Instagram posts that AMSA-UGM's Social Environment Instagram (@se.amsaugm) had published, taking part in talk shows, and having the chance to visit Posyandu and serve as health examiners for health checkups. During the pre-event series, an open donation was also held, with the proceeds going to charities and communities that support maternal and child health and prevent stunting. In an effort to stop stunting, we worked with Senyum Kita to provide children with the nourishment they need.

The main components of the Event of the Year 2022 were packed into three engaging programs on Sunday, May 22, 2022, using Zoom Meetings as our platform: talk shows, focus group discussions (FGD), and plenary sessions. Dr. Dian Kesuma Pramudya Nurputra, Ph.D., M.Sc., Sp.A. was invited to participate in this talk show with a focus group discussion (FGD) in small groups that was facilitated by a facilitator. In the plenary session, the outcomes of the FGD talks from each group were presented, and doctors provided input. We also carried out a pretest, posttest, and follow-up to assess understanding.

A health checkup for mothers and local residents at a Posyandu marked the official conclusion of the EOTY 2022 series. In June 2022, we had the chance to collaborate with three posyandu, namely Posyandu Warak Lor, Posyandu Dusu Toragan, and Posyandu Gandekan, to do a health check. Over 220 persons had their blood pressure and sugar levels checked utilizing a GCU device for their health! The examiners received training on measuring blood pressure and blood sugar from Asisten Mahasiswa FK-KMK UGM prior to performing a health check. We are thrilled that the medical exam and the complete EOTY series this year may have a significant impact and spark enthusiasm from the local community in addition to providing a worthwhile experience for the committee, volunteers, and participants. We also want to express our gratitude to all of our committees, media partners, and cooperation partners for their efforts in making the AMSA-UGM's Event of the Year 2022 a success.

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