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Charity and Cultural Night is an annual program held by Art and Culture. It is an art performance which can be held as a film, a theatre production, or multiple performances. Charity and Cultural Night aims to facilitate our faculty students’ art skills and also gain money as a donation to the people in need. 

Art and Culture



AMSA Youth Project (AYP) is one of the biggest medical and public competitions for high school students in Indonesia! Held by Association of Asian Medical Students’ Universitas Gadjah Mada (AMSA-UGM), AYP is an ambitious project dedicated as a way for future generations to express themselves, upgrade their knowledge and skills, as well as to show compassion for the society.




Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP) is one of AMSA International’s programs and was established in 2003 to facilitate student exchange between AMSA Chapters (countries that participate in AMSEP).


Event of The

Social Environment

Event of The Year (EOTY) is one of the biggest program of AMSA-Indonesia. Being the embodiment of the philosophy "action", EOTY is held to be a social action carried out by each AMSA-University under one theme highlighting current health issues in Indonesia.



Delegation x Finance and Partnership x Social Environment

Dedication was designed to be Delegation’s form of community service for the fulfillment of one of AMSA-UGM’s 3 philosophies: Action. It was initiated as a simple project where the members of Delegation visited RSUP Dr. Sardjito’s Cancer Installation to play with the kids who are battling cancer while simultaneously teaching them English through storytelling. 

dedication dele_210605_1.jpg
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