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Delegation is one of AMSA-UGM’s external divisions which handles multiple responsibilities including being AMSA-UGM’s AMSEP (Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme) and Public Relations division. With one of our main responsibilities being AMSEP UGM’s hosting program organizer, this division and its members are very well acquainted with the world of delegating and student exchange, including all of the aspects that surround it. Also having to deal with external parties, both nationally and internationally, the members of this division receive both direct and indirect training on communication and public speaking which will aid them in their participation in Model United Nations, debate competitions, and other forms of public speaking competitions, and ultimately in their lives as future healthcare professionals.


Yulia Sawawila Riwukaho

 Vice Coordinator



Ishana Nafeeza



Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (AMSEP) is one of AMSA International’s programs hat was established in 2003 to facilitate student exchange between AMSA Chapters (countries that participate in AMSEP). As the only exchange program acknowledged by AMSA, AMSEP provides an opportunity for all AMSA members to experience being a medical student in other chapters. AMSEP’s hosting program varies depending on each hosting university. However, it will always contain AMSA’s philosophy: Knowledge, Action, and Friendship..


Having received the title of “Best Host for AMSEP 2018”, AMSA-UGM has since relentlessly strived to elevate all components of our hosting program, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the tenure of 2020/2021, AMSA-UGM managed to send a delegate for AMSEP Thailand and won the bidding as the host of AMSEP Indonesia for Singapore (National University of Singapore). Despite having to be done virtually, AMSA-UGM’s Delegation has curated a 7-day exchange program containing all of the best aspects of AMSEP and has planned out its execution to make the transition from a physical exchange to a virtual one as seamless as possible. It is hoped that AMSA-UGM can always maintain a high standard in our participation in all AMSEP activities.


Established in 2019, EXON is an annual event held by AMSA-UGM's Delegation and is one of the pioneers of national medical exchange programs in AMSA-Indonesia. Designed to strengthen the bond between AMSA-UGM and partnering AMSA-Universities, EXON also serves to introduce new Delegation members to the world of medical exchange programs which consists of hosting and delegating. Also acting as a mini-AMSEP, EXON is a 3 to 4-day program consisting of a welcoming party, academic sessions by experts, community service sessions, socio-cultural sessions, and is concluded by a farewell party.


Established in the 2018/2019 tenure of AMSA-UGM, Dedication was designed to be a Delegation’s form of community service for the fulfillment of one of AMSA-UGM’s 3 philosophies: Action. In 2019, the members of Delegation visited RSUP Dr. Sardjito’s Cancer Installation to teach English through storytelling. Two years later, Delegation collaborated with other divisions, such as Social & Environment and Finance and Partnership, and work in partnership with Solar Chapter to write, illustrate, and donate books for children and families in East Nusa Tenggara.


In the tenure of 2020/2021, Dedication was full of accomplishments and milestones (refer to ‘Events' page). We aimed to support one of the villages that Solar Chapter is working with, mainly by providing custom and personalized storybooks and reading material that suits the conditions and background of the people in Desa Fatoin, East Nusa Tenggara. With our theme being “Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat (PHBS)” and “Nutrition”, we wanted to help the people of Desa Fatoin, East Nusa Tenggara fight against their high incidence of stunting and aid them in their journey towards being well-informed people, especially about hygiene and language. It was achieved through our Buy 1 Give 1 book sale program, supported by other forms of activities including an online volunteering program, a fundraising program, a webinar, and an online campaign.


Members of AMSA-UGM’s Delegation are highly encouraged to develop their communication and social skills, mainly by participating in Model United Nations, debate competitions, and other forms of public speaking events in both a national and international level. As a way to accommodate and ensure that our members have the confidence to participate and are able to perform well in these events/ competitions, every tenure Delegation provides its members with MUN and debate training. 

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