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Charity & Cultural
Night 2022

"Kali Kedua"

Charity and Cultural Night is an annual event, held by the Art and Culture division, in which the members of FK-KMK UGM can showcase their artistic prowess.

This year, CCN was exhibited as a film, narrating a story by Nayla Eliza Hanavia & Michelle Joviany, about the adventure of Alynna, an Indonesian Literature student, who had been writing a book on social justice for a long time.  However, all of a sudden, she is requested to include a romance aspect in her narrative. Alynna is left to contemplate since she has never had a love relationship in her life.  As she is lost in her thoughts at a cafe, Alynna is thrown into the 16th century as Airani, the queen of the Ganendra Kingdom, and a whirlwind of an adventure unfolds in the patriarchal kingdom.

This movie creates awareness on the issue of discrimination towards women and individuals with disabilities. The story's inspiration stemmed from the fact that future medical professionals in Indonesia are not taught how to connect with patients who have disabilities, as well as from the historical discrimination against women's education.

Following the movie's screening at Cinepolis Lippo Mall Jogja and Zoom meetings, CCN is accompanied by Charity and Cultural Morning (CCM), an event where all movie proceeds are donated to charitable causes. This year, we donated Rp 22.307.305 to Panti Asuhan Bina Siwi and spent a wholesome day with them.  The event began with a performance from the community, continued by introduction, games, film-watching, and the submission of donations and fundraising.

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