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Membership and Development (MnD) is one of AMSA-UGM’s internal divisions, with its main goal being the overall growth and development of each and every single member of AMSA-UGM. Starting from member open recruitment, monitoring and evaluating members’ performance throughout the tenure, and making sure that members feel comfortable in AMSA-UGM. Those are achieved by various means, such as a reporting system and lots of bonding activities. MnD truly strives to make each and every member feel at home in AMSA-UGM, as our motto proudly states “To make AMSA our Home!"


M. Fadlirafiq Hutasuhut

 Vice Coordinator

Nazla Kamila Fauziah





This year’s AMSA More, carrying the theme of ‘Alice in AMSAland’, started with an Open House as an introductory measure followed by a chain of events up to the final stage of Hari Keakraban (Hakrab). AMSA-UGM’s Open House is intended to be the chance for soon-to-be members to take their first look at what AMSA-UGM has to offer. Meanwhile, our Hakrab is intended to not only act as a bonding event for our new members, but also as a platform for the increase of AMSA knowledge by inviting AMSA-Indonesia and our AMSA-UGM alumnus. 


“Each adventure requires a first step” -- Cheshire Cat 



AMSA Strong Day and Upgrading (AMSGRADING) is a two day event held in the middle of the tenure. It aims to broaden AMSA-UGM’s members' knowledge of AMSA and to further tighten AMSA-UGM’s members' relations with each other. This is achieved by a seminar about AMSA and countless fun activities that will be done together between fellow members.


Guardian Angel is the specialty of the MnD division. Members of the MnD division will be assigned to other divisions of AMSA-UGM and actively participate in every activity that exists within the division they are assigned to. Guardian Angels also help build good intra-divisional relationships and give evaluations for work programs and division members. Together with the Vice Representative for Internal Affairs and the Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator of Membership and Development, Guardian Angels will fill in the members’ report and choose the Best Member for all three respective periods. 

AMSA Night

AMSA Night, our version of a prom night, held at the end of the tenure. We reminisce about our journey from the start until that moment when the tenure is just about to come to an end. The new Executive Boards will also be announced here. The outgoing Executive Board will pass on the torch and send off the newly appointed Executive Board to take care of AMSA-UGM. Other than that, it is an event of celebration and merriment, enjoying the company of friends that have spent a lot of time through thick and thin together in AMSA-UGM.

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