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Dedication 2022
CHOLET’S GO: Control the Fat, Control Your Life!

Dedication is an annual community service project that has been held by Delegation for the last 4 years and this year, we worked in collaboration with the Social Environment, Science, and Finance and Partnership divisions of AMSA-UGM. Dedication 2022 chose to focus on raising awareness about the significance of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD), namely Cholesterol which has been an increasing health concern in recent years. This 3-day project included 2 interventions that were conducted in an offline manner on July 14 and 20.

On the first day, members of Delegation were able to teach elementary school students Class 4B of SDN Tegalrejo III about the diseases related to cholesterol, such as type 2 diabetes and stroke, through storytelling. Alongside this, members of Science presented the results of the research that they had conducted regarding the prevalence of cholesterol-related diseases in Tegalrejo followed by teaching the kids what preventive measures can be taken such as regular exercise. Lastly, members of Social Environment shared their knowledge about the risks of high cholesterol through games whilst the Finance and Partnership members helped organize these extraordinary activities.

The second day involved a Physical Education session that included aerobic fun and Selingan Goyang Maumere that was led by the instructor, Ibu Ika Lestari Prasetyawati, where students were able to demonstrate the benefits of exercise and how it can mitigate the effects of cholesterol. Through our collaboration with Kimia Farma, we are proud to have been able to provide 40 students with medical checkups whilst collecting health data on their vital signs. The ending of the interventions was marked with AMSA-UGM designing an infographic that illustrated what the students have learned about cholesterol over the past two days including the normal range of cholesterol as well as everyday foods and their relation to cholesterol.

Alongside this, an online webinar titled “CHOLET’S GO: Control the Fat, Control Your Life!” was carried out by our expert guest speakers, Dr. Jeffri Aloys Gunawan, Sp.PD, CHt, FINASIM and dr. Indira Kalyana Makes, on July 17, 2022. This talk show discussed the intricate effects that cholesterol has on our body, how it increases our risk of being susceptible to some of the most common diseases worldwide, and the steps that can be taken to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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