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Art and Culture (AC) is one of AMSA-UGM’s internal divisions and remains as a unique division as it can only be found at AMSA-UGM. This division assists members in developing their interests and talents in the arts of dance, music, and theatre. Art and Culture provides a variety of work programs for our members to explore their talents in art as being a health major student should not mean losing the opportunity to developping those interests and talents. We also aim to preserve the Indonesian culture through our activities and projects. As future health care workers in Indonesia, We need to know and understand the culture of the place we will be working at. By understanding and tolerating the culture, we hope that society will be able to accept modern health services.


Nayla Eliza Hanavia

 Vice Coordinator



Sheila Tirta Ayumurti




Charity and Cultural Night is an annual program held by Art and Culture. It is an art performance which can be held as a film, a theatre production, or multiple performances. Charity and Cultural Night showcases music, dancing, and acting, all in one show. The performers are not only limited to AMSA members, but also open to FK-KMK UGM students. This event’s Project Officer, Vice Project Officer, Director, Assistant Director, and Scriptwriter are members of Art and Culture, while the organizing committee consists of members from various divisions. Charity and Cultural Night aims to facilitate our faculty students’ art skills and also to raise money for us to donate to people in need. 


Due to the pandemic, Charity and Cultural Night was made as a musical film, titled ‘Gardajita Nun Numusi’. Being streamed online through ZOOM and YouTube, ticket sales were able to be accessed through the official CCN Website with all proceeds to be donated. The shooting process took place in Yogyakarta with strict health protocols. In addition, all of the film’s production, music composition, choreography, and script writing were all done by members of Art and Culture. The original motion picture soundtrack of Charity and Cultural Night is also available on Spotify.


ACTion is an Art and Culture event with the means to contribute positively to society. Through this work program, we aspire to give back to the community by channeling the donation gained from Charity and Cultural Night. ACTion is held consisting of a series of activities, including giving health education, focus group discussions, and several music performances.


This year, due to the pandemic, ACTion was conducted through a ZOOM Meeting, which consisted of a health education session on the COVID-19 health protocols, performances from the orphanage and the committee, as well as a symbolic hand-over of the donation raised.


Manunggaling Beksa is a dance workshop which is concluded with a performance as a part of Charity and Cultural Night. This work program aims to facilitate FK-KMK students’ passion for dancing. 


Tamasya Budaya is a one day event that facilitates the members of AMSA to learning Indonesian culture, which is important to know as future healthcare providers. The organizing committee consists of Art and Culture members. Tamasya Budaya has a chain of events, including traditional music, dance, and craftsmanship. Not only that, there are also games conducted by the committees to increase the event’s festivity. We usually visit a traditional village near Yogyakarta and have hands-on experience in learning the Indonesian Culture.


AC Masterclass is a workshop dedicated to improve the members’ skills professionally and also learn how to apply it through projects. This work program was first established in the 2020/2021 tenure. AC Masterclass is conducted three times within a tenure with topics suitable for the current members. This year, we chose dance, music, and theatre as our main topics. Professionals were invited for each topic to become the speakers of the corresponding AC Masterclass. 


Established in the 2021/2022 tenure, AC Gallery is a virtual art and performance exhibition intended to serve as a platform for the creation of AMSA-UGM's members. The proceeds from AC Gallery will be donated through, alongside the proceeds from Charity and Cultural Night. Through AC Gallery, AMSA-UGM's Art and Culture members will be able to showcase their passion and talent throughout the tenure 

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