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Publication and Promotion (PnP) is one of AMSA-UGM’s external divisions, which is a derivative of PnP AMSA-Indonesia, and has aims to increase the interests and talents of PnP members in the fields of graphic design, motion graphics, video editing, videography, and photography. In addition, the PnP division, as the name suggests, is a division that takes care of everything related to AMSA-UGM’s publication, such as designing posts for AMSA-UGM’s Instagram page and other social media platforms. With various work programs to achieve the aforementioned goal, it is hoped that PnP members can increase their creativity in life, especially in the world of health.


M. Rofif Febrian Pais

 Vice Coordinator

Talisya Kamila





PnP has a special internal work program, namely workshops. With the intention of developing the skills of PnP members in the fields of design, video editing, motion graphics, and web design, PnP will facilitate workshops of Ai, Pr, Ae, and the WIX Website platforms, respectively. All in all, we hope to equip and gain them the advantage of owning such hard skills when they become organizers at an event, participate in poster design competitions, making educational videos, doing school assignments, etc., and most importantly increase their creativity and outlook on life. 


PnP x Divisions is a work program that distributes PnP members to each AMSA-UGM or other divisions' events that requires a Media & Documentations division. PnP members can exclusively become coordinators or vice coordinators in an event without having to go through any open recruitment or selection process. PnP x Divisions aims to help all AMSA-UGM events to maintain the quality of their designs and publications while also giving new opportunities for PnP members to experience different work programs from different divisions in accordance to their individual interests. 


PnP members will get to design AMSA-UGM’s Instagram posts if there is a holiday, national day, or other important days that need to be celebrated or commemorated. The design in the Instagram post does have several guidelines that members need to abide by such as color palettes, fonts, and themes, although the rest is completely up to our PnP members as they are allowed to roam freely and express creatively the ideas that they have regarding the post.


This event aims to improve members' skills in videography and photography, as well as members who are aiming to hunt for photos. PnP members who would want to make videos will be welcomed to make vlogs, cinematic, and other types of videos, and members who would want to hunt for photos, are also welcome. Besides that, the true and sole purpose of this event is to increase the sense of bonding and friendship between PnP members.


Established in the 2021/2022 tenure, PIXELS (Premiere Pro and Illustrator Exciting Learning System) will be held as a collaboration program between the Publication and Promotion divisions of AMSA-UGM and AMSA-Untar in which their members will be able to attend workshops and deepen their knowledge in regards to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro. Not only will you gain skills through PIXELS, through committee work and participation, you will also get a chance to widen your network as you make friendships along the way! 

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